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BBC World News
Does the BBC ever share their LiveU, WMT and maybe Dejero receiver addresses with outside organizations going live. Last night / early morning U.K. there was an extremely shaky interview with WSB 2 the ABC Atlanta station (don’t know why they didn’t do CBS - suppose they were busy with news on a sister station) with their sports director discussing the 15 year old Coco Gauff who had lost a match and was eliminated at Wimbledon. The whole interview was quite amateurish with the sports director holding the camera in selfie mode while in studio. Now most stations in the US have some sort of bonded news gathering kit and as I understand it it’s not necessarily tied to a specific destination. Could the BBC give out these destination ports to make interviews with news partners look much more professional. It’s one thing if it’s on the scene of breaking news but in studio having low quality it’s a different story.

What would stop them from doing this?
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Problems on BBC News Channel. Freeze at end of countdown for several seconds. Headline bed starts late and then again a few seconds later and no titles after the headlines. Seemed to be a problem with the reports - the John Major one played first even though that wasn’t the top story. No ticker until 23:03.
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Following in from the countdown clips on the other page I came across this tweeted picture from Chris Cook which might be of interest to some...

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UTV Newsline
Watching BBC Newsline late last night and when they had people speaking during a report, there was just a name strap showing up above the BBC Newsline logo and any supporting text (organisation represented etc.) appeared in a separate box that came in from the left above the BBC Newsline logo (the same way that twitter handles come in from the far right of the screen). Only this box was bright white and the text was in red. I've never noticed them doing that before, and they didn't do it at the 6:30pm programme.

Also, during the weather, the first "Sunrise 05:00" box was in the current font and then the second one a few moments later was in Reith.

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I wonder why there’s boxes to add text!

The boxes to add text are to name that particular viz item in a running order.

For example you could select Business, but then you need to save it and give the template a name ‘Business Countdown for 0830 Tuesday’ then drag into the right running order.
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