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Dear Victoria Derbyshire programme, a great piece of kit was invented some time ago that would easily benefit your programme today. Not sure if you’ve heard of them, they’re relatively cheap and works a treat....
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Could this be a hint that the new one is on the way?
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I loved the smooth transition between BBC World's 10 second countdown and ident, and loved the 90 sec original BBC News 24 one - entirely graphic in nature, and a palette cleanser before the next set of stories and presenters/reporters.
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Not sure why they're saying that they are "finally releasing the definitive version". Recent countdowns have been posted in full on Vimeo by the person who edited them.

Do you have that Vimeo or send it in a PM? Thanks.
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Could this be a hint that the new one is on the way?
It would make sense, since the countdown clock will probably be Reithed.

They posted some more:

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