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And now there's problems with The Papers. Poor Carrie having to ask what they were going to do and ad lib while the gallery sorted out the problems.

Dosen’t sound a like good night for the gallery then.
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Advance schedules for bank holidays are showing that the BBC News at Nine is still on BBC Two, as well as BBC Scottland but reduced to 30 mins. But no Victoria Derbyshire which is in the 15:30 slot, Newsroom Live, Afternoon Live. But Five & World News Today as normal
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A Genuine question which i've always wondered about-Why do they always do the Film Review as normal on Good Friday (and not do it a day earlier even if pre-recorded?) surely by doing that, they could give the Five the day off (as what normally happens on the other Bank Holiday's.)
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The news which is currently on BBC One is listed as "BBC Weekend News" on the EPG, together with all other bulletins this weekend.

I believe it was just "BBC News" before wasn't it, or "BBC News at One" for the lunchtime bulletin.
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The BBC have, I believe, migrated their EPG from a Red Bee-administered platform to an in-house platform. There are anomalies with the listings and EPG all over the place at the moment. For a couple of weeks almost all of the BBC channels on Sky were flagging HD shows as SD... Shows change title day-by-day seemingly, meaning they appear in different folders in the recordings planner etc...
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It's mucked up a lot of my timers on my Hauppauge stick that I've had to add manual recordings for some shows.

There's tiny little irritations, such as "BBC News at 9" and "BBC News at Nine" which muck up series recordings, same for "BBC London News" and "London News"