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Annoying a little watched daytime show can get a refresh after just a couple of years but the nations most watched Breakfast show doesn't get the look it deserves because it was farmed out to Salford seven years ago.

Well that logo which looks like the sign for sure has to go and hopefully after a few months Victoria Derbyshire can go too.

I always thought it looked a bit like the Mozilla Thunderbird logo!


I could see the rationale when Victoria was (seemingly) a standalone BBC Two mid-morning-matters type programme shared with News, but now it's cut down to an hour (and looking a little forlorn) I hope they take the opportunity to integrate it a little more with the News house style. Who knows, it could even be an early preview of what's coming down the line...
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Good to see Carrie Gracie back on the screens after she took her unpaid leave due to last year's events. She has so far hosted Dateline London and is studio cover during Newsroom Live today. I suspect we will see her presenting in just about anything on the News Channel, so expect to see her presenting Afternoon Live, Beyond 100 Days and maybe even Outside Source.
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Reith is beginning to sneak into news output here and there. Most online packages now use the font and if they’re shown on tv without being completely reversioned you’ll get it then. I’ve seen a few tv packages recently which have been edited in the field and they’ve used Reith too. Plus, increasingly, Sport graphics are using Reith as well.

It is coming, a lot of work has gone into how BBC News will use the various versions of Reith.
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