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To quote James Harding back in 2015.

“the centrepiece of domestic daytime TV news”.

It hasn't been has it? Yes, I agree with p_c_u_k that there have been some worthy stories that the show has generated, but when it's packaged in such a way that it's among the banal, that I've found the various VD packages that have been repackaged for the general NC bulletins later in the day more palatable as part of a general news bulletin than VD who then follows it with a debate.

If there was more money, VD would be perfectly fine on BBC2 at 10am daily as a stand-alone show, yet as it's a NC commission with a NC simulcast with BBC2, it still doesn't work. In any case, ITV's This Morning has the audience to do the subliminal journalism they do for their female targeted audience, such as those health issues VD has made a thing out of newsgathering.

On the other hand, when stand-in presenters have covered, Chloe Tilley has been excellent at the format. Impartial, yet easy to watch and makes the guests at ease.
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Lot of black flashes going on in this report on Putin fans in Russia (17:32 or thereabouts). The ticker and the non-standard name graphics (what are we calling those nowadays?) for the report are staying on - in fact that seems to be what's triggering the blacks. Whenever a name appears, it cuts to black for about half a second, and does the same before the name disappears.

Back to the edit suite for this one, I think...
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