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BBC News having more TOTH problems at Six on BBC One.

The short titles played with the globe hanging forever, Sophie Raworth's OB feed breaking up all over the place. There were also problems with the openings on Afternoon Live as well.

If and when BBC News channel/domestic refresh things I do wish they'd sort out a decent and proper set of titles for use during OBs if they insist on retaining the newsroom pan for studio presentation. We either have the situation of the long titles where the music doesn't fit and an awkward pause/hold with the spinning globe or a messed up short title sequence where they're trying to coordinate a difficult opening.

BBC World News is simulcasting with the News channel and had no problems handling the top of hour sequence with their titles.
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Worzel4,540 posts since 8 Jan 2008
Anglia (West) Look East (West sub-opt)
Whoops, someone put Christian Fraser's mic up instead of Ros Atkins' and we heard 'it's total chaos guys, I have no plan at all, I have no clue what I'm doing'.

Is he taking his lead from the Prime Minister? Laughing

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So what exactly is the point of it being called “Beyond 100 days” if it’s just covering Brexit and UK affairs rather than Trump?

Yes, they really should have come up with a better name for the programme. The format works well but it's been 664 days now and the days when the Trump presidency is nowhere near the top of the news agenda are becoming more frequent, especially now the mid-terms are out of the way.
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