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If they are about to re-brand evenings, surely that means Beyond 100 Days can't be long term (unless i'm missing the point.) and also the first thing to go needs to be the pointless Newsnight repeat.
Yeah, sometimes that repeat starts before the original programme finishes. Or it can't be shown on News Channel because it started late on Two (for example, due to overrunning sport).
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Anglia (East) Look East
Victoria Derbyshire Show, can someone please explain the meaning or logic behind the logo for this show?
Sorry to ask if already been covered but Im a nebie here.

nothing against her personally but its such a depressing two hours, seems to love misery stories, with the recent changes in my view it is now the standout poorest show on the channel, wonder what the viewing figures are like?
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Ha! Yes it does!.thought it looked familiar somehow. But I cant see anything "Newsie" about it to me, apart from the backwards Nike tick which I assume is supposed to be a "V", then I cant see any presentation connection with the show at all.
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Granada North West Today
I don't see it regularly because I work 9-5 for the vast majority of the year. However, if I'm on leave and happen to be watching TV at 9am, I avoid it like the plague. Absolutely terrible programme that shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a rolling news channel. If I have a lie in on holiday, I would very often have watched BBC News at 9am - since Victoria Derbyshire launched, I don't bother - I watch Sky News instead at that time of day. It's a massive turn off for me.
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From a presentation point of view I think it is a step up from most of what BBC News has to offer, especially with how they use the studio. Content wise it is never going to appeal to many here but it does seem to have found it's voice within the market, though it is still in what should be a prime rolling news slot.
Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?
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Sarah Keith Lucas is doing on location Weather forecasts from Sevenoaks on Afternoon Live this afternoon. The line is dropping in and out however, most likely due to the weather and the 4.30pm forecast had to be abandoned.
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