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The point was exactly that – why does 'I'm not allowed to bring my bag in to the office. It's banished away to a locker between the hours of 09:00 & 17:00' from JasonB have any relevance to whether a newsreader has a bag in the studio? It doesn't. A bag in a studio is of no importance or relevance.

Unless said bag contains the TVS archive, of course.

For your information, it is relevant and I was making a point about it potentially being a distraction as the Studio has a very simple and 'clean' look. I'll have you know, I do not just stare at one part of the Studio during the sweep. Additionally, you all seemed to delve deeper and think beyond what I was saying, hence why I didn't understand you. That's the whole point of a 'Forum'. And I do not appreciate the attitude.
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