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Look North (Yorkshire)
A Couple of tweets from Annita McVeigh about the changes coming in tomorrow morning, including Newsroom Live which starts tomorrow.

Rolling News and London Lite gave kudos
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Anglia (East) Look East
Victoria Derbyshire was certainly an improvement today - the first fifteen minutes was made up of a full run-down of the day's news (much as it would have been previously when they did that 15 minute bulletin before VD started). More regular headline summaries and generally more stories seemed to be featured as well - there were a couple of longer segments in the first hour but flicking through the second hour they seemed to get through a nice mix of stories.

Perhaps the greatest improvement though, is that the weather actually ran to-time before 10am, and so they were actually a few seconds early beginning their TOTH sequence meaning people tuning in for the headlines won't have had to wait a good few minutes for once. Weather often seemed to end at around 10:02 before, meaning it was closer to five past before the news summary. Still only one forecast in the programme though.
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