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BBC News Channel To Go Online Only?

Independent raises the possibility (April 2014)

bkman1990 UTV Newsline
I would love to see BBC News being kept as linear television channel as although I like the presentation of the channel, the I.T. show named Click presented by Spencer Kelly is also very good as I watch it every weekend from my home in Ireland.

I also like seeing The Papers and Sportsday when it is on during the night. To move it online would kill it's apparent small popularity in the UK but we don't know about the opinion of people living outside of the British Isles that could use it on a regular basis so that is something I feel that has to be addressed as well.

As I live in Ireland, it is a channel that is closer to home for me and it is also the channel to my proximity that is FTA and in HD. That for me is a big plus rather than paying even for a ton of more money to get Sky News HD.

I also got fed up of watching Sky News all the time even though their wall to wall coverage is good but coverage on one story for me is too much to handle. BBC News is also handy for me when live stories or events take place in that there are no breaks when they take place. I don't want to contend to having when a major event comes on a break would come on suddenly just as we are getting into a major part of the story.

If people do see that first of all they would lose out on anything that could be major to them while watching and switch to another channel at the end of it to see the coverage being uninterrupted. That would mean Sky News would lose viewership when they are meant to be 'First' for breaking news. That is still a tactic that Sky News still hasn't copped on after being on air for 25 years that still has to be questioned.

The quality of the reporters on BBC News as I watched the channel overtime are extremely good.

The BBC News channel is informative Journalism at it's best and that is the way it should be. It should be broadcast online as a complimentary broadcast and on Television. Why BBC Three is still not in that field yet is still feeling odd to me.
mdtauk London London
The only thing I see of the News Channel (save for a massive news event or major political ongoing story) is The Papers, and that is still maybe a couple of times a week.

I check BBC News a few times a day on my phone, and when I catch a link to a story on Twitter. I am against the closing of the TV Station, but not adverse to the format of the channel and presentation being radically changed to cover more stories, and move more in-depth coverage of some news to the website, or Bulletins and Panorama/Newsnight.
Leah Meridian (South) South Today
I watch it very often, when I am at home and there is nothing on. I love the BBC News channel, and couldn't stand having to watch Sky News when I need to see rolling news. With the move to NBH, and all their lovely shiny studios, that would be essentially underused and a waste of space and money, I can't bare the idea of it moving solely online, as nobody would watch it. To be honest, the same point stands with BBC Three, but not so much as BBC News.

News and Current Affairs is the best thing that the BBC do.

Take a look at this graphic from the Guardian in 2012 (which I'm sure many of you have seen and has probably been posted on this site) and compare how much the BBC spend on the News Channel as supposed to other services, such as BBC One.

They spend more on CBBC for goodness sake!

chris Granada North West Today
I wonder how they've broken that down - perhaps the national bulletins have been put under BBC One's remit. Some services will share output too, such as BBC News online/BBC News Channel/5 Live etc.
I, as I have said before, would like to see a current affairs and arts channel on BBC4, 24 hours a day, with political and news programming in the daytime and arts and culture a night, with chat shows and also moving Newsnight.
Gonzo, really needs a new signature.
No. BBC News Channel should not move to online only. That's all

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