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(November 2013)

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PATV Scunthorpe
1) I believe that error was mentioned before
2) Is something that, by the picture, happened on the 10th January, for a couple of seconds, relevant now?
harshy and London Lite gave kudos
I don't know, but I just wanted to put it on. Smile

A little technical problem with the Weather Screen (This was a little while ago). But, hey, we got a little Behind-The-Scenes look. Very Happy Smile Laughing Thumbs up

Reminds me of a similar bug the local CBS owned station had a while back where there was a watermark saying it was a trial version of Brainstorm eSTUDIO and that it was not for video output.
Long bottom
Anyone notice the film review bar last night, said 17:45, it was 11:30 at night.
Because it's a repeat?
Long bottom
Sorry I meant the graphic on screen. When she was doing the "coming up".

It had such and such at 11:30, and then the other guy, coming up in the film review, he did not say a time, but the graphic on screen said 17:45.
harshy Founding member
Anyone notice the film review bar last night, said 17:45, it was 11:30 at night.

I saw it as well, must have been incorrectly loaded with the wrong text
This happens a lot when promoting prerecorded shows. They use the same template that was shown a few hours before with the right time. But then they use it again later on in the day with the same time that the same show was shown earlier on.
Rolling News
*I have noticed that after the Weather Forecasts towards the end of the BBC News At 1 & 6 that the Studio 'Pan' Camera is more zoomed in. Is there a reason for this?

Maybe they fancied a change?
Does TV Forum need a wall?

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