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UTV Newsline
Well that's pretty disturbing isn't it. Not entirely surprising though. I'm sure the BBC isn't too different from any of the companies I've worked for over the years, where security measures have been pretty flimsy to say the least. But given the profile of BBC News, I would've expected more. That news centre should be like Fort Knox. But clearly, it isn't!
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It may have just been a prank, but I can't imagine it was a particularly enjoyable experience for anyone in the studio at the time - must have felt rather threatened to have a group of people with cameras charge into their place of work, even if they didn't cause any actual damage or anything like that. Based on the videos they weren't caught at the time - is there anything they can actually be punished for legally here though?
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UTV Newsline
I'm just glad it was a bunch of idiots/youtubers for a prank during a vt rather than something far more sinister actually going out live.

Indeed! I'm a bit surprised that the Studio E entrance isn't at least protected by some form of security card/keypad mechanism.
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As I understand it from the BBC News article, the invasion happened at 7:30 - which would have been during the weather junction when the studio wasn't live.
What actually happened on air? Did the News channel go to a recorded programme at 7:30 after the weather? Rachel Schofield's seen walking off set so I can't imagine they were in a position to cut back to E after the weather.
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