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The end of the Ten had an actual promo for Newsnight recorded in Studio B tonight, which would seem to be a fairly recent development, as before I've only ever seen them plugging the fact it's now starting on BBC Two. However, the set looked awful - looks like the house lighting (or whatever the term is) and so everything looked washed out and nasty.


They've been doing that since the Ten was extended. Sometimes there are cameras in shot, sometimes the lighting is a bit 'rehearsal'. All feels a bit self conscious.

It probably would be less self conscious if they didn't have the talent standing there.
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Guess they're trying to sell it as an integrated bulletin.

What, like how the regional announcements at 6pm say 'And now, the BBC News with [national presenter] and [regional presenter]'?
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The 1, 6 and 10 o'clock bulletins have been 'integrated' for some years now, with regional idents name checking national and presenters (though not all do this) and regional headlines as part of the overall headlines sequence. The ten is slightly less integrated in that there's no regional half way heads as there are at 1315 and 1815.
Two minutes regions...
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From tomorrow, the regional news slot following the 1, 6 and 10 is not being listed seperately on BBC One HD (usually listed seperately as "This is BBC One"):


I wonder if this means they will be putting the news channel on BBC One during these slots?
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