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House3,169 posts since 13 Mar 2007
Carol Walker on N24 with Matthew Amwroliwala today - still finding her feet but not terrbile! Personally I've always found Carol to be a great political correspondent and thought she was good on Head2Head the few times I've seen it!

By the looks of it Louise is on secondment from the one/ N24 for the duration of 'Missing Live' as Jane's on the One on Fridays and is regularly covering Louise's afternoon shift. I much prefer Jane to Louise any day!
nat210790523 posts since 28 Feb 2005
I remember Carole featured regularly as a presenter on News 24 over summer 2006, but hasn't appeared before today for over a year as presenter.

Yea, she's perfectly capable - maybe if they'd kept her as occasional relief, she would've felt more comfortable, although as Head 2 Head has now come to an end, maybe she'll appear more regularly.
ginnyfan2,709 posts since 5 Feb 2006
OMG, why do they have to use so many presenters, it looks like they could do a whole month with a different anchor every day. Some consistency wouldn't hurt. Rolling Eyes
JamesWorldNews8,277 posts since 22 Aug 2004
Ronant posted:
Navdip Dhariwal on with Tim this afternoon, is this the first time she's presented?

And Tim has just completed the entire morning shift over here on World!!!!! Surely the BBC is not so short of presenters?

Navdeep did appear on World during weekends several months ago, although I haven't seen her lately.
Jonathan2,142 posts since 3 Jul 2005
calum141 posted:
He's a decent feller. Had a chat to him on the phone once about career options, was a good convo.

Aw, wearing daddy's suit again, Wilcox the Second?
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