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Has anyone else noticed this - the BBC News 24 Countdown only runs from 24 to 0 seconds, for example - a fourty - second countdown to zero seconds looks like this... 40.03, 40.02, 40.01, 40.00, 39.24, 39.23, 39.22, 39.21... and so on.... until it reaches zero. why don't they just use a full coundown... or will it be too long for the link on-screen?... or do you think it has anything to do with the channel being called 'BBC News 24' which would link in with the coundown running from 24 seconds?
Jenny1,374 posts since 28 Mar 2001
Ah, so that's how they deal with not having 100 frames a second to play with. I'd always wondered about that and never got around to watching the thing on frame advance to find out.
Inspector Sands12,869 posts since 25 Aug 2004
News24 posted:
25fps is PAL standard, hence the countdown visuals are measured in seconds and frames. (counting down from 24)

It's 25fps because the mains supply is 50Hz - and there are 50 fields (half a frame, interlaced) per second. It's not just the PAL standard, HD and DVB is also 25 frames a second (or 50 fps for progressive scan HD)