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There was also a very different weather map for News 24 at launch, where land was bright yellow/orange and the sea was a very vivid blue. (This was still on the days of symbols for weather, rather than the current shading to denote cloud cover - which I have to say years on, I still find extremely vague.)

... it is refreshing to see the UK and Europe presented in their 'standard' proportions. The current
projections that are used (and have been for a decade I think ?) are awful .
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Yep - it was called Weekend 24.

And Weekend 24 lasted for a long time after Breakfast launched. I seem to recall the 9am-10am hour of what is now Breakfast on Saturdays was the last thing to be branded Weekend 24.

It was. It was branded as Weekend 24 up until about 2006/07, at which point Breakfast was extended to 10am. But even now, 10 years later, the hour is still branded as 'BBC News' on the EPGs and News Channel schedule listings.
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Up until World also adopted it, I think. Was really odd, at 1:00am they reverted to the flags look and then changed back to the corporate look at 5:30am. It was especially disconcerting if you only had BBC News 24 on BBC One as the only way you'd know it had rebranded would be if you watched that last half hour between 5:30-6:00am.

Not quite, if memory serves me. The joint service started using the generic BBC1 news titles (which until that point had only been seen cropped to 4:3). When World rebranded the joint service started using the World titles although without the "BBC World" logo.
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A lot of people seem to hate the post-2005 weather maps on here - personally I think they're infinitely better than the old symbols. I find it a very odd experience watching the ITV which still uses symbols for the most part.

Yeah they're so much more detailed and contain much more information than anything the other broadcasters do.

Having one cloud to represent several hundred square miles of land just isn't good enough