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BBC News at 10 to be shorter

From March 4th. (February 2019)

Moz Wales Today
Sadly they'll be more complaints about the schedule changes than the utter shambles of a government we currently have.

Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Have I missed something because apparently that post started a flame war.

Genuinely confused. Confused
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Asa Admin Meridian (South East) South East Today
Have I missed something because apparently that post started a flame war.

There's three types of posts going on: TV news about Brexit, general Brexit talk and non too subtle political posts. The first is great and the second is tolerated to an extent. The third isn't and you've now posted several times along those lines. We get it, and this isn't the forum for it.
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Thanks for the explanation. I think the intent of the post was misunderstood there, but anyway, moving on.
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Londoner London London
I'll never forget the person who complained on here when Loose Women was delayed because of live coverage of the Beslan siege.
623058 posted:
boogy men new stuff is coming to get us
CraigWills Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
Holby City fans are angered and annoyed that their show has been postponed just because of the Brexit vote. Why couldn't BBC 2 have aired the live vote and BBC 1 continued on with prime time as normal?

Because an enormous news story breaking and BBC1 ploughing on with normal programmes looks rubbish.

As I've said before, 99% of the time people complain that normal schedules are rubbish and boring and say they should drop everything, and then when anything gets dropped apparently everyone is devastated and they shouldn't have done it.

The problem is with Brexit, large swathes of people are becoming bored of it. The average person in the street is now sick to the back teeth of hearing about it, I know from family and friends few would generally be interested in watching rolling BBC One coverage on it. I think only a small proporation would be ‘up in arms’ if Holby was delayed when there’s a major terror attack or similar non-planned breaking story. But we’ve had so many votes of Brexit and debates for the last three years since the vote, people are less forgiving about their favourite programmes been shifted.
Having said all that it’s catch 22 for the BBC there’d be similar outrage on socials and by some within Westminster if BBC One didn’t do extra coverage. Personally, I don’t think it’s necessary to postpone the first airing of soaps, dramas and documentaries when you’ve got a news channel or online for continued coverage. ITV seem to have a good balance of fitting extra updates at programme junctions and at ad breaks which means there’s never too long before a news flash can air which directs people online. I think ITV even did an online only programme this week IIRC.
all new Phil Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
I think it’s a difficult one to call. My dad isn’t particularly up on politics, but a few times when I’ve visited recently, he’s been watching either Sky News or the extra BBC News programmes added into the schedule. I think you’ll get people tuning in hoping it’s to announce that the bloody thing is sorted.
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Whether we're bored of it or not it's been one of the most important political weeks in recent years and the impact is way beyond politics. The issue is that the Meaningful Vote has become the Meaningless Vote by the PM just bringing it back time and time again and it will be groundhog day again, possibly on Tuesday again I presume.

Back to the topic and the extensions this week just highlight what we said at the time - ridiculous to shorten the Ten just a month out from Brexit - holding out another month wouldn't have harmed at all.
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