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STV Central Reporting Scotland
Former Border TV presenter, and later radio presenter and executive John Myers has died suddenly.


Very sad news. He was a real giant of the radio industry with a huge passion for the medium.

I’d thoroughly recommend reading his book, and also the Trouble At The Top documentary, ‘Degsy Rides Again’ (available on YouTube) about his launching Century North West.

Definitely taken from us far too soon. I've a copy of John's book, and when I ordered it I mentioned that I remembered watching him on Border all those years ago. When the book arrived it was with a dedication from John. That book, needless to say, will be cherished now.

John had a great style when he was announcing at Border. With Fearless Fred the Fighting Fireman from the Fife Firefighting Fusiliers (who can't 'arf fight fires) and Eric the Monkey, he made the birthday greetings spots his own. As is well-known, Border launched many media careers. In John's case, Border acted as a catapult, and a very big one at that.

It says a lot for the respect which John had in the industry that a whole half-hour of today's Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2 was devoted to him. That must have been very hard for Jeremy to do, as he and John were very good friends.
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There are some problems. Many could be solved by some depth lighting. Looks flat. But Im afraid the black bars was a mistake all around. I just wish we could find out the reason. Maybe it was intentional, but in the back of my mind it will always appear to be a mistake.
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Central (West) Midlands Today
The higher desk looks better on the TT&B set than on ITV Wales personally where the latter looks like the presenter is chopped in half.


I’d like to see that desk appear in the central region rather than the smaller desk stacked with laptops.
Surely they will start to update these sets with larger portrait orientated screens when the prices of such larger screens decreases.
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HTV West Points West
That Carlisle backdrop is just awful though.

I disagree.

Granted, the sea-of-roofs in the middle screen is a bit nondescript. But the way that the view is "bookended" with the castle and cathedral, I like.

It must've been filmed from the roof of the Carlisle City Council towerblock, near the Hardwicke Circus roundabout.
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