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I T V 1556 posts since 31 Oct 2004
What does everyone think of BBC London News now? I thought the programme was much better before the revamp. "LDN" was much more modern and trendy. The studios have been messed up with the forsted glass and large big screen, it still looks nice but the programme isnt as good as it was before, especially the downstairs part with the fish tank etc.
Robert Williams726 posts since 25 Jan 2003
I'm certainly glad they got rid of that daft LDN branding, which made everything think that that was actually the name of the programme (as well as the radio station). Now all they need to do is find the word 'News', which I expect will arrive in the next revamp when they decide it might be a novel idea to have a logo that actually states the correct programme name.

Also they've done a couple of reports from Surrey recently - hurrah! Razz
newsboy7 posts since 19 Feb 2005
Now if only they would get rid of Emily 'Look At Me" Maitlass, and let Gillian Joseph take over as the main anchor.....and who are those endless anonymous women that keep doing the early morning and late evening bulletins - can't we have a bit of continuity - almost every other region has dedicated breadkfast and 1030pm presenters?
LONDON1,121 posts since 2 Mar 2004
Katherine posted:
What BBC London shows would I be most likely to see Helen Fospero on?

She hasn't presented the programme for ages, i think she was only filling in while they were replacing Nina Hossain.
Ana67 posts since 5 Feb 2005
Only on a Sunday. The last one she did was the sunday just gone (27 Feb), so it will probably be two or three weeks before we see her again.
I believe she's working freelance down there, so she could appear anywhere, anytime, but keep your eyes on Sunday's London News... About once every three weeks...
newsboy7 posts since 19 Feb 2005
I'd happily have Helen Fospero being the regular breakfast/lunchtime presenter on BBC London, she's much better than Riz Lateef, who was a good reporter but a less good anchor.