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BBC Spotlight (Plymouth) is the latest reigon to get a new studio. (January 2015)

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Yet the promo for the longer late Look North is correct.
Mike W
I was surprised to see today that BBC Midlands that they dont have newer style graphics.

I can wait for the day they are all updated!

Why is it surprising, their gallery and aston kit is 10 years old, their gallery was never refitted, nor were the cameras replaced as planned in 2012 - it was just a set upgrade (not a studio upgrade, save for the installation of a black curtain over the giant window over the newsroom).

There are rumours that the MTD gallery will receive a refit, designed to improve the output and run on a smaller crew than the current.
Nice example of how not to do graphics from BBC Leeds - despite this having been done in post with every bit of software available.

That looks like how Look East did their graphics for the extended late bulletin.
Look East (East) seem to have special late night titles - sadly also including Facebook etc crammed in on the end shot.
Look East (East) seem to have special late night titles - sadly also including Facebook etc crammed in on the end shot.

Looks like Look North (Yorkshire) have special titles too.
Looks like the regions are also using the 'Weather For The Week Ahead' weather graphics alongside a new strap stating the same name, next to the day/time.
Yes that was what Look East had. I did feel the forecast was incredibly fast paced. Not sure how other regions faired nor whether the forecast is a fixed duration or at the mercy of the local teams.
Was there still the handover to the National weather by the local weather presenter?
For Look East there was with Nina Ridge being name checked.

When the news part finished the camera pulled away/zoomed out from Amelia similar to used in London and then cut to the forecast.
jolly turnip
It felt like there were less news stories on the Late Look Levy (east yorks and Lincs) than the old shorter bulletin. An unnecessary live with Tim Iredale and viewers views tweeted from the earlier programme. Pretty much as expected though.

No handover to national weather. But that is usual from Hull. Prefer that.
London Lite Founding member
SET had Rob Smith do a link from the standing position by the plasma, a live from Saltdean and a correspondent in the studio, alongside a live weather forecast.
Does anyone know why BBC South Today Breakfast bulletins this morning do not have a clock on? Or why they are using a different camera shot?

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