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BBC World
Will BBC World News simulcast the News Channel again for the joint bulletins? Mad

EDIT: IIRC, World News simulcasted Breakfast during the strike in 2010, with the usual opening format of the News Channel being done for the simulcasts right after.
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Didn't the last strike take place before Breakfast had moved to Salford? I seem to remember it all being N6 based. If so, I wonder how that will change things - if Breakfast will return to London (desk bound) during the strike, or remain in Salford where the shifts would usually take place?
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They could use the presenter in Salford to do a further shift on the NC until 12 noon maybe, also moving from the sofa to the desk studio they have there. I agree that, for PR reasons, BBC have no real option but to do Breakfast from Salford.

As for who the presenter will be, your guess is as good as mine.