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Should BBC and ITV News Feature More Mental Health Stories?

Should BBC and ITV News show more mental health stories in their programmes? (August 2014)

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Shane Forster
Hi all,

Has anyone heard of the mental health appeal launched by a Londoner after his cousin was sectioned for trolling Jonathan Kerrigan?

It was never covered in the newspapers. More importantly, though, it was never mentioned by the BBC or ITV News! It was covered in a local newspaper in London, but no trace of any national stories. It hasn't even been mentioned on any websites!

Do you think that the BBC and ITV are trying to hide these stories from us? Are they ashamed of the proportion of the population suffering from mental illnesses?
Bail Moderator
Shane, this isn't a topic for discussion here, not even remotely. We're a little geeky collective talking about television presentation. You've been warned for this post, subsequent posts have been removed and this thread now locked.

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