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I have been reading about the possibility of BBC broadcasting house to be moved from its current location. https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/news/bristol-news/bbc-bristol-whiteladies-road-broadcasting-3795941

It's a bit of a sprawly jumble of a site. Never been to the Pints West/Radio Bristol bit, but at some point or other they will probably end up in a tiny glass box in some faux-trendy city centre area at 2000% of the current rental charges, and the network production part moved somewhere else (in the UK)
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They’ve been talking about moving from Whiteladies Road on and off for years. Given than more jobs have moved to Bristol in recent years they do need the space and I expect there’s little room in the site as it is. It would require a BBC Cardiff style relocation to move everything that’s currently in Bristol. Not impossible of course and the BBC may well consider it at some point but I suspect it’s low on the agenda at the moment.
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Yes talking about the move for close on 40 years in my experience ...
but it makes sense for BBCStudios to move its production staff to a neater site
As more PSB staff move into Whiteladies Road ...... paint factory anyone ???