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But at least the refresh happens just before the Summer Run, I wonder if Breakfast will get much contact in the postbag about it?
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Do fear though as usual with the TV Forum hype meaning people are expecting a Bigger Breakfast that although the graphics may be Freshly Squeezed the result won't be Morning Glory. I think they'll only achieve The Breakfast Fix once they get a new set and somewhat breakaway more from the generic BBC News look.
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Didn't NWT once decamp to the BBC Radio Merseyside building in Liverpool for a while, when a revamp was happening at the studio in Oxford Road, Manchester?
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Lo and behold. Hell hath frozen over.

I wonder where Breakfast and NWT will decamp to?

How early next year I wonder? Christmas/ New Year might be an easier time to share studio with Sport for Breakfast with NWT either using the same or one of the DTL positions.
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