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Anglia (East) Look East
Remember to RI:SE early for it. Don’t want to drone on about it.

I'll need a Daybreak to watch.

I'm going to need a Big Breakfast after it whets my appetite.

Breakfast Time for me is at 6am on Monday.

Is it a Big Breakfast?

Already made that one. 1-0 to me. Wink
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So long disco ball! (except on the screens) and roll on lovely lovely opening heads bed! Also a mnemonic which to me totally sings "this is breakfast" Smile

You been spot on with the other launches and no one doubts you for a second, this will be great too.
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Josh1,017 posts since 21 Dec 2014
Anglia (East) Look East
Updated list of puns are as follows:
Big Breakfast
Breakfast Time
Breakfast with Frost
Sunday AM
Good Morning Calendar
Wide Awake Club
BBI45's list of 26 shows
After Nine
New Day

That brings us up to.. 44 shows. If anyone else can add to this list before it ends, it'll be a Good Morning in the North, I bet!
Fan of the media industry, from the UK.
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Hopefully it all goes well and won’t be complete TV mayhem on BBC One
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