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Jaxford251 posts since 6 Dec 2011
Meridian (South) South Today
There doesn't seem to be any single shots of the presenters when they are reading the news items, it's just a double shot with the other presenter looking at the camera and at the reading presenter.

That's disappointing as I like it when they go through the headlines individually. Still not noticing much chemistry between Bill and Susanna. Sad

This picture says it all.
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Kevizz MS400 posts since 29 Jan 2012
The lighting is much more orange than it was in the press photos, though it doesn't do anything to stop the set from looking very cramped.

As expected, the background graphic performs poorly compared to the previous one. The really could do without the pot plant on Susanna's shoulder.
ashley b1,547 posts since 29 Mar 2001
Granada North West Today
Video for anyone that didn't catch it:

Titles are hardly different at all, not sure on the set as yet myself. Doesn't look too bad, but not quite right either. Very sutble animation on th background (so far I've only really noticed a flock of birds flying past Sally Nugent).
kitt22349 posts since 5 Jun 2007
London London
Titles are disappointingly similar.

Surprisinly I actually like the set and the background on screen. Although someone on here said it animated with changing clouds... Can't spot anything (except the one monitor over by the business presenter) which is a shame.

HD looks good. But as someone else mentioned, BT and SR don't seem best buds! Laughing
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