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BBC Breakfast fire alarm

Split from BBC Breakfast from Salford (May 2014)

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Fire alarm in Salford has pushed Breakfast (and 5 Live) off air. Whole thing crashed into BBC World for around 10 minutes (including an advert for Rolex). Back on now at 8:07.
Although I've only caught the tail end of it, Breakfast had to switch to BBC World News for a short while as there was a fire alarm at MediaCity.
BBC Breakfast stopping at 08:00 on BBC1 for 7 minutes due to a fire alarm.

BBC World News with David Eades filled in for the period.
Andrew Founding member
It was off air well before 8, more like 753. There was no regional news.
It was off air well before 8, more like 753. There was no regional news.

BBC Northern Ireland had NEWSLINE at 7:55. They crashed out of BBC WORLD NEWS.
Looking at iPlayer Live Restart, the video cuts to BBC World News at 07:55 with the DOG appearing in the corner, but the audio from a Giro d'Italia report continues for another 30 seconds before it fades into the audio for The Travel Show airing on BBC World News (so no ticker). However one more aston for the Giro report still appears, and the Breakfast clock is still on air.

Then Breakfast fades out of World News at 08:07 into a static Breakfast caption before cutting back to the studio.
thegeek Founding member
I've just watched back the News Channel's output. The signer looks fairly unfazed, though I did enjoy the way he signed the word crocodile. I wonder if anyone's going to get their wrists slapped for the PGA Tour Update sponsored by Rolex?
Gary McEwan
Would World have known that Breakfast was literally away to crash into it?
news junkie
Would World have known that Breakfast was literally away to crash into it?

I thought someone on here said that as MediaCity UK is a broadcast centre, the fire alarms were split into zones so it probably only went off as it was necessary and thus the gallery probably had moments to take the world feed and leave the building. Whereas if it was a test/drill, they probably would have had a heads up as they were broadcasting at the time to hand to somewhere else a bit more cleanly.
thegeek Founding member
It wouldn't have been a drill - broadcast critical staff in BBC buildings get 'fire exemption passes' which allow them to stay in the building, even during full evacuation rehearsals.
Inspector Sands
And of course they wouldn't schedule a drill during a live TV programme.

The Rolex thing is unfortunate, the adverts on World have always been opt outs so there's always been a clean non advert version available. I think sponsorship is different though, especially if part of a filler programme, the whole thing needs to be dropped or covered downstream.

Maybe World playout didn't have enough chance to drop the item

Although I seem to remember the team who were on BBC1 the night of the TVC bombing having to fade out/cover things like the weather sponsorship on World when it went out that night
It did make me chuckle - PGA update sponsored by Rolex, on BBC!

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