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I think the main issue with the set is those white pillars between the screens which then mean that the screens used for DTL contributors are really awkwardly placed.

Surely it would look better just to have a split screen for DTL interviews rather than have a presenter twisting themselves around awkwardly to talk to someone on a screen behind them. I've always thought this has looked terrible.
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I remember a user creating a mock for a redesign of the current studio that made more sense.

Edit: I’ve found the mock thread https://tvforum.uk/thegallery/new-set-salford-41403/ but unfortunately the links have expired.

Links don't expire on metro's upload service, the user has deleted them, which is why you're getting an Error 410
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I've also spent bits of spare time over the years trying to design a potential set in SketchUp (getting the studio size to be realistic is the tricky part) but I've never been able to get to something I would want to share in The Gallery. Nonetheless here's a couple of recent concepts I came up with:

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