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So the title sequence is just a sting now, from what I'm interpreting on here? (Not able to watch at the moment.) Oh dear.

I don't think the short stings are really the problem - they at least make the intro less bloated. The issue is no other element has changed so a passable new design clashes terribly with the rest of the graphics and dated set.

The 2016 Olympic titles had a similar concept but worked so much better when linking in to a modern open set.
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Sally in the World Cup hub aka the usual BBC Sport Studio, it looks like she’s presenting Outside Source instead, please bring her back into the studio.

Too gimmicky, just need to be presented in the usual straightforward manner.
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Just like the BBC Parliament refresh, this is a joke. Complete mish mash of old and new. The shorter titles just don't work.

Total joke. Cannot believe the ridiculous hype and ego massaging on Twitter over this.

Ugh. Stuck with the same recipe we’ve had for years.
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Well, James Mobbs did reply to one Twitter poster implying that it wasn't worth getting up for early - at the time I thought it was an odd bit of self-deprecation.

Now we know he knew he was right all along.

Given Chris Cook suggested there's a set change in 2019, I would much prefer them to have stuck with things as they are and then relaunch proper next year.

It's more the case that one fears BBC presentation refreshes rather than anticipates them these days.
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