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The 7.30 kids' spot on GMTV was initially a fully-fledged spot called Alarm Alert with Simon Parkin, but it was one of the earliest casualties of the failure of the original GMTV, not least because every kid in Britain was watching The Big Breakfast, so they soon jettisoned that and just ran cartoons instead. Then GMTV bought Power Rangers and every kid in Britain abandoned The Big Breakfast and watched that instead.
Though they broke up episodes into several small chunks spread across a whole week. Ridiculous. I always watched it on Sky instead.
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Interesting to see how casual sexism and racism was so rampant only 30 years ago. ‘West Indian youths’ and the ‘delicately beautiful’ Sue Carpenter!

I heard much worse as a child of the 80s and early 90s. You can imagine the type of casual racism used by people in casual conversation.
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Found this quite interesting, on the change in format on Breakfast Time in 1986...

Is this when the regional opts were introduced (hence the union issues) or were they there from the start?
I preferred the internet when it had a sense of humour.
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Is this when the regional opts were introduced (hence the union issues) or were they there from the start?

No, the regional opts were there from the start in 1983, although news for London/South East were provided by the main presenters.

The South East did have a dedicated presenter for the regional news - Geoff Simmons. The slot wasn't always all news, though, sometimes they included a recipe feature. Later on it was usually Deborah Hall from London Plus who read the South East news.
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There was an apology made to viewers in the South East and London after the 6:30am regional news. If it was anything like what was seen on the BBC News Channel, it seemed that it went out in silence with no graphics, reports, or weather (with a different backdrop to the usual London one).
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