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Can we bring back the "Doctor's Waitingroom" studio please...

There was always a certain warmth about Breakfast in that era between 2000-2003. Almost everything about the programme, it's titles, the music, the studios, the presenters, and it was honestly the last time it looked like a proper breakfast show. None of which they've ever really lived up to since, especially since April 2012. The 2003 set was ok but I never really took to it. 2006-2012 it felt like they were locked into a corner of the studio. Ever since 2012 the studio has looked like a regional magazine show.
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Indeed, I'd love to see a modern attempt at the music they used back in 2000. The really gentle bed at the start followed by the lovely title music was perfect for that time of day. I don't mind the most recent Breakfast music (especially since they tweaked it a little recently with the little bleeps when the ticking clock is on screen) but as others have said it's a shame the titles are so short now, and there's a lot of the package that seems surplus to requirements, like how the headlines/coming up sequence are all preceded by musical stings now that interrupt the flow of speech.
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I think you'll find that it was an Albanian Dentist's Waiting Room ( (C) Jeremy Bowen), actually! Very Happy

I believe he said Romanian Very Happy

Although I have never waited to see a dentist in either country, so I can't confirm the description. However, if I need to see one in 2 weeks, I'll let you know what they look like in the Czech Republic.
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Problems at the start of today's Breakfast.

The first couple of minutes were anchored by business presenter Sean Farrington, flying solo on the Salford sofa.

He mentioned that Dan & Louise were in Westminster. Whilst he was reading the top headline, the music bed abruptly stopped. After a couple of seconds, the main bit of theme that accompanies the "titles" (pah!) restarted, as Sean continued reading the rest of the headlines, leading into the music bed again for the rest of the opening headlines.

He also introduced the first main report package. After the top story, he threw to Dan & Louise in Westminster (by turning to one of the "windows" showing them, just like throwing to the weather).

This was the first sighting of Dan & Louise, who confirmed that there had been some "technical gemlins".
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What is the point of Breakfast presenting from Westminster when they seem to have a never ending line of protesters behind, whether you voted leave or remain in the EU Referendum they have a never ending line of the same people from both sides behind with flags and megaphones and the presenters struggle to be heard. For me they would be better sitting in the studio in Salford or invest in the old closed in studio they used in the 2010 Election.
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It's also rather jarring seeing the Salford Quays-centric sting/titles, then a wipe to a shot of the presenters sat in a totally different part of the UK.

Before this latest Reith refresh, I'm sure we saw them producing versions of these short titles / stings with live shots of Westminster when they've presented from there, as opposed to the usual Salford ones. Is there a reason why we don't see them doing the same now we have 'Breakfast' in the Reith font?
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Central (East) East Midlands Today
Any idea why East Midlands failed to opt around 730 this morning we got bbc London instead - any idea - was the issue in Nottingham or Salford or so where else?

Sounds like a Nottingham issue