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Central (West) Midlands Today
I agree with quite a few of the comments here. It looks far too bright for this time of the year, the buildings look lit up by the summer midday sun.

As for the view, as Brekkie stated, it’s as though they’re presenting from The Lowry.
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Lou Scannon
HTV West Points West
BBC East Midlands Today's short-lived final ever "independent" look in 1999 (i.e. immediately prior to the roll-out of generic look mk1 / Lambie Nairn "maps") was based around showing off their brand spanking new "East Midlands News Centre" building in the titles, logo etc.

Having been forced to replace the building-centric branding within mere months (?) of its introduction, the "window" of the beige generic set went for a view of their new HQ as seen from across the road!
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Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
We've only been talking about Granada Reports' past studios a lot recently, but Granada seemed to cope fine with the Granada TV sign in the background.
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Ooops . . . Carol forgot who was presenting from the studio.

The Daily Express will get a whole page out of that

Indeed. Since moving to an Android phone, I'm bombarded by Google news suggestions of non stories about BBC Breakfast and GMB from the Express

Though in recent days it's been extinction grade asteroids headed towards Earth

I think I've guessed the next task for Sky News's countdown clock
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Indeed. Since moving to an Android phone, I'm bombarded by Google news suggestions of non stories about BBC Breakfast and GMB from the Express

I've mainly tamed mine but still get similar non stories from papers like the Manchester Evening News. I don't live anywhere near Manchester
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Central (West) Midlands Today

I'm going to play devil's advocate here because goodness knows how often I've been frustrated by how "static" the visual appearance of Breakfast has been over the last decade (and more), but I imagine they have a philosophy of "don't fix what isn't broken". It still gets a good chunk of the morning audience and I imagine a good proportion of that audience couldn't care less about whether the titles / backdrop / set changes, or certainly aren't as fussed about the visual appearance of the show, as long as they get their news, local news and weather at the times that Breakfast adheres to.

And let's not forget, that apart from a like for like recolouring of the backdrop and sofa, TV-am never changed theirs.
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I think perhaps it would have more effect if they had changed the 'title sequence', music, Reithed the graphics/logo and background screens all at the same time.

This 'drip, drip' effect is somewhat pointless. Either change a programme's on screen presence or don't bother at all.

BBC Breakfast is long overdue for a revamp, but everything just seems like a whimpering small change that only us pres geeks would notice. To the general public, nothing has changed for nearly a decade.

I dare say that if they implemented all the changes at once they'd get complaints in the press and Newswatch / Points of View along the lines of "if it ain't broke..." and "how much of the licence fee has been wasted". At a time when budgets are presumably fairly tight and the BBC are planning to discontinue the free licence fees for over 75s they probably don't want to be seen as 'wasting money'. Incremental changes tend to be noticed less and get fewer complaints from viewers and in the press.

I think the new background images are okay for the close up shots. Though as others have mentioned it doesn't quite work on the wider angles, probably as the series of images doesn't make for a panoramic image.
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