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harshy6,433 posts since 24 Mar 2001 Recently warned
The logo looks weak and those hideous looking lower thirds which on screen take up too much space, no studio backdrop change either only decent thing is the newspaper graphics with the icon above the clock.
Custard56 (previously Jay Lee) 655 posts since 7 Apr 2015
I agree that the Reith version of the Breakfast title is a little too light and could be heavier / thicker.

Beyond laziness, I still don't understand why they haven't used this as an opportunity to do away with the remants of the disco ball title sequence on their backdrop. Or even completely revamp that backdrop / set.

Hopefully the arrival of the new editor in September will shake things up a little in this respect, but I'm not holding my breath.
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PATV Scunthorpe723 posts since 2 Sep 2014
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I agree that a thicker weight of Reith could be used, but I suppose it does mean that its a uniform logo now as opposed to the thicker logo that was used on all the previous graphics compared to the thin weight of Gill used to match 'NEWS' on the old lower thirds.

It would be nicer if they did apply the orange to the live graphic and the clock.

I also noticed that the clock, when compared to the NC, is quite a bit larger, it's not really much of an issue, I just would have expected them to be the same, but I do think the NC version looks better, I don't think the Breakfast one fits the box that well.
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