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The programme's newsletter starts with
Hello from Christian, Sevi and the rest of the BBC Three News team.
I can't for the life of me think who Christian is. Any clues?

It's Christian Fraser who is one of the chief reporters/presenters for BBC Radio Five Live.

Not exactly 'chief'. He's just a 5 Live dedicated reporter. Presents occasionaly; not to my taste.

Sorry my mistake. I just assumed that he was quite senior because he covered major stories from around the world for Five Live such as the tsunami, Iraq elections, Pope's death and Michael Jackson's trial. I quite like him as a reporter and will be interested to see how well suited he will be to television presenting.

Yes he was on air (presenting Up All Night) when the tsunami story broke. I thought he did a magnificent job, and deserves some more senior presenting roles (at Five Live e.g. the midday news, currently presented by the simply stupid Alan Robb).

To think that Dotun Adebayo could have been presenting the night of the tsunami- he would have managed to get the affect on Nigeria's economy into the show somewhere!
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I see the 7 had a nice decamp into the Newsnight studio tonight, because their own studio was "burned down by a BBC Two controller". Now, it can't have been too major a thing as they said it was for one night only, but does anyone know what happened, or if they've just moved for other reasons?