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The set has a nice backdrop but that desk is ugly.

The whole show appeared to be thrown together without much thought. It was dire. That desk looks like it was shipped over from the USA, 80's.

Load of rubbish and money or pennies not well spent.
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Did seem a rush job. Andrew behind a desk while guests on full show.

I can understand why they don't want a carbon copy of This Week, but to go to a clinical set doesn't work for me.

I think it should have been pretty much an exact carbon copy of This Week. With all the political goings-on, a not-news-show style of analysing it is going to be sorely missed.

This Week was a format that just simply won't be replicated again, which is a very real shame.
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Andrew does better when not solo.

Brexitcast will be the more light hearted, insiders take on the political happenings, full of geeky and "westminster bubble" discussion.

Andrew's show should be putting today's events into context, with past political figures, and hard hitting interviews with politicians. There should always be a guest throughout the show, and the Interviews be one on one. And it should be a 45-60 min run time, with maybe a HardTalk style interview in the final 30mins.
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Brexitcast is brilliant though. It’s the only good thing to have come or that will come from Brexit.
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I think the intention is to have studio based interviews, but obviously given the events of yesterday they had to be prerecorded DTL interviews from the Lobby.

Saying that, if the little interview with Laura K on yesterday's programme is anything to go by, the desk format really doesn't work for an interview based programme. Having the interviewee on a desk chair plonked on its own, next to Andrew's desk just looks messy and cheap. A coffee table and sofa would have looked much better.
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The programme has no style. It needs to settle down quickly - and the set needs some serious work.
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