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I think this deserves it's own thread, the first domestic news programme to come from NBH, with a new look, is on air tomorrow.

A few tweets have revealed a couple of things, the new logo: http://twitter.com/chrisckmedia/status/241913479508938753/photo/1

And a new mode of transport for Marr: http://yfrog.com/od3ijoij http://twitter.com/MarrShow/status/241580674023292929/photo/1

Well that's "Lazy Branding"! Why is his scooter not orange and stripey as well?

Memories of the old Loose Women titles come to mind... i hope he's not getting Janet Street Porter back to do the newspaper review again.
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A reminder of the studio in action tomorrow - Studio B, via bbclouis:
This is the largest studio in New BH. It is two storeys high with a flexible lighting rig, so can be used creatively for a variety of programmes, including Newsnight, The Andrew Marr Show, Sunday Politics and World News programmes such as GMT, Impact and The Hub. It will also be the home of World News from midday to 6.30pm each weekday (The main home of World News is Studio C).

The studio has seven cameras. One is on a jib and the rest can be operated manually or remotely, with the option to use one camera hand-held.

The set is designed to allow a variety of different programme styles with little or no physical changes. The main presenter desk is height-adjustable so it can be used as a desk or a coffee table.

A correspondent presentation area, to the right of the desk, has a raised podium and three 103 LED HD screens. These screens allow presenters and reporters to do standing and walking presentations using high quality graphic images and video. Graphics designed for these screens can be used in any of Studios A, C and E.

Studio B is operated from Gallery B on floor B2.

For the first time, all studios are using the Mosart automation system to control the output. Mosart assists vision and sound mixing, enabling many sequences to be pre-programmed thereby allowing programmes to run more complicated headline sequences and trails than before.

Graphics fed into the presentation area are connected to Viz Anchor via an iPad, giving presenters and reporters the ability to control their own interactive presentations.

Watch the video opposite to find out more:

Transcript of Video:

This is Studio B, its going to become the home of Newsnight, BBC World News Targeted programmes, and also Andrew Marr and the Sunday Politics programmes. Over here we have a desk which is flexible, and can be moved up and down at the touch of a button."

"Here are 3 screens, in presentational area where a reporter or presenters can stand, with a graphic, then walk to outside source or interview and walk further again to another graphic."

"When thats finished we can walk over to another area, this is our flexible area with and LED wall, and we can put audience seating in the horseshoe, where we can do a discussion type programme."

"We also have an LED panels which allow more flexibility, can change look and feel of a studio at a touch of a button.

This is the gallery for the largest studio in New Broadcasting House and is where Newsnight, The Andrew Marr Show, Sunday Politics and some of the key World News programmes such as GMT, Impact and The Hub will be directed from.

To reflect the greater range and complexity of these programmes, this gallery has bigger sound and lighting desks than the other galleries.

This gallery has the new Mosart automation system which gives greater flexibility to studio operations than in the past. It will also use the Spyder control system to operate all the studio video walls and display any combination of video or other graphical sources depending on the programme output and story being covered.
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It's so wonderfully crisp in HD, And the studio looks bigger than I originally thought. Lighting is perfect and the new backdrop is great exciting stuff so far. Definitely evolution, not revolution, as I anticipated.

Not a fan of the astons. The font is just too downgrade for a political programme. Very Loose Women indeed.
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Yes, it looks as if you're looking at the whole of London through frosted glass. It's a shame that It's so flat and it's definitely a downer on the TVC one.

Are they projection screens? I'm sure this has been asked before.

Haven't mentioned that the new titles are great, especially the shots outside the NBH and inside with the building's spiral staircase and reception.
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