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Very sad, helped me through many an all nighter in my student days.

The News 24 countdown, that awkward half second pause before the World headline bed began, the titles, the opening shot and that deeply professional newsreader voice saying "And this is BBC News, I'm Alistair Yates" as tractor cam trundled in the background.

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Very sad news. Not a huge star by any means, but I imagine he had quite a following around the world. For many he would no doubt have been the very epitome of the classic, well spoken, warm, BBC newsreader.
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Very sad news, he had a distinctive very clear voice with pitch perfect delivery, mastered over many a year, you can see why he worked for many a broadcaster.
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BBC World News
Really sad news - my first exposure to him was through DW-TV's broadcasts on public television here in America.

He was an old-school broadcaster, which the world today is in dire short supply of.
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Terrible news. My utmost condolences to his family. And along with many others, I would agree that his delivery was impeccable - in my mind, he was what you would call 'a proper newsreader'. Worth noting that he also did a lot for charity - after retiring as a newsreader, he became the head of a charity for people with ADHD.
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