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Very sad news. Alistair was a great news broadcaster always with an added flair of personality.

It’s been posted here before but feel it’s apt given it was uploaded by the man himself. Here’s Alistair closing down BBC1 in the Midlands for the final time in 1979.

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January 9th 1989 - December 3rd 2006
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Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Rather sad to read this today.

I always rated him very highly as a news presenter. He had that great combination of being authoritative but with great on-screen warmth too.


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When I lived in India mid nineties, BBC World was the only English language channel we could get in our particular location.

Alastair was very much part of the family then, alongside Peter Dobbie, Martine Dennis, Donald MacCormack and Philip Hayton.

Alastair always came across as the utmost professional and articulate news reader.

Sad news today.
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