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London hours are 19 GMT - 22:30 GMT I believe (someone please correct me if I'm wrong). They were playing around with the London hours recently, until relatively recently we'd get inserts from London in the 18 GMT NewsHour, but I haven't noticed this these days. There was a short time during the start of the lockdown (in the UK) when Halla and Dareen were in London alongside the majority of the usual UK team, where it seemed we got a lot more live news from London.

It's a shame they don't utilise the London centre more tbh...

On another note, can someone explain to me why the there is such a huge gap between the last NewsHour and the first one the following day (UK time)? It feels like a missed opportunity... I get it's the graveyard shift in Doha, but still?
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Halla and Dareen are unable to return to Qatar due to the border being closed, hence they may have done some shifts in London waiting for Qatar to reopen.

Similarly, the Doha based team also cannot fly out (although flights are operating) because they will be unable to Re enter the country for the time being.
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