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I think it was Jago (the guys who did BBC News) who did the original set designs for AJE. Does anyone know where the original London newsroom and studio were? I can't seem to remember :/

Knightsbridge Green, West London.
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Second building after turning left off Hyde Park Corner roundabout.
It was based in the basement of No 1 Knightsbridge, I believe.

Sir David Frost joked when he was hired by AJi, its location was ideal as he could use the upmarket fine dining restaurant of The Lanesborough Hotel next door, as his canteen.
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Kahmal Santamaria doing a very fine job holding together AJE's rolling coverage of what's happening in Iran. Helpful timechecks when throwing to various correspondents in the Gulf, plus AJ's two reporters in Washington. Also managing quite well (with no speculation) on the breaking story of a downed airplane in Tehran.

Meanwhile the BBC has been throwing to its two reporters... in Los Angeles and Singapore, and they're currently on a taped edition of Hardtalk.
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First time i've noticed but Stan Grant presented the morning shift from 0700GMT to 1000, and then Dareen Abughaida presented a newshour from 1000 to 1100, Stan then came back from 1100 for a half hour bulletin and then Dareen returned from midday for a usual shift. I've not noticed the presenters stop during their few hours on screen to swap back with someone on a bit earlier. I thought they just had a 3 or 4 hour rotation between presenters.