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Sad to learn that NewsGrid is ending on Sunday. The programme will go into hibernation until the late Autumn. Sad. It was a refreshing angle and a great newscast.

Founding anchor Kamahl Santamaria presented his last NewsGrid today. (As per Twitter).

I guess there will be some product changes at AJE in the coming months.
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Top two headlines at 0500 GMT were both topics critical of Saudi Arabia; no other international news channel had either of the two headlines as their primary headline leads (neither of the two stories are on the intl. BBC News homepage either) -- are things starting to slip a little in terms of keeping some AJE producers editorially independent?
New Zealand isn't that far away!
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He had that bread for a while now.

What are the other changes?
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Looking forward to seeing the relaunch. I wonder if it will be graphics only or a whole new studio and branding?

Where have you heard about this relaunch, James? I've noticed on their social media accounts, AJE are using a new font - which looks like DIN. Different to the Helvetica used formerly and currently on TV... so maybe that's a glimpse at what we can expect.

In terms of the studio, I'd imagine they'll update the desk to one like the one used in London. That same design of desk is also used on the Arabic channel.