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BBC World News
The typeface is... not great. I know it's a custom design, but it doesn't work for me. In particular, the weather graphics when shown on screen are not easy to read - looks fuzzy to me. I suspect that owes to the lack of HD production (my eyes are just fine!).

The blog on the ABC site about the relaunch states it is a font which is supposed to be both serious and also have a quintessential Australian element to it. I can kinda see what they're going for, but yeah we'll have to see how long it takes to date.
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BBC World News
More videos of the ABC NEWS rebrand on April 10, 2017
ABC NEWS 24 Farewell Message - April 9, 2017

ABC NEWS (news bulletin) - 1600AEST

ABC NEWS (news bulletin) - 2000AEST

ABC NEWS - National 2030AEST News Update

ABC NEWS Victoria

"Presenter Profile" - Joe O'Brien (15 seconds)

Top Pics - Aussie Weather (30 seconds)

Top Pics - Around The Country (30 seconds)
Top Pics - Sunrise and Sunset (30 seconds)
Top Pics - Worawa Aboriginal College (17 seconds)
Top Pics - Aussie Faces (30 seconds)
ABC NEWS - Know The Story (3 seconds)

Know The Story (5 seconds)
Know The Story (8 seconds)
"Did You Know" (10 seconds)

"Did You Know" (13 seconds)
"Did You Know" (17 seconds)
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BBC World News
I feel like it's so close to being great. I just can't get over that black and turquoise combination. The animation at the end of the donut open looks a little rough and too fast for my eyes as well. I really loved the old look, though I can see why they'd want a change after so long. A+ though on what appears to be a very restrained use of on-screen graphics and lower thirds - or are they lower left sixths?
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Looks great I think. The way images from the days stories are shown in the horizontal scrolling graphic works really well.

The word 'news' in the logo looks very similar to the old itv news logo
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Its really nice. And I like that they are brave like the CBC to scrap the previous look and create something completely different and fresh..... that will last them for a while. As opposed to using the same look and incessantly and endlessly massaging it. Because this is completely different, the average viewer notices, slight changes are rarely noticed by the average viewer, so at that point they are an exercise in futility creatively. So it basically makes any minor changes.... pointless. ABC News like the CBC News revamp a few years back, completely changed the identity of the channel. Hint Hint.

Looks great on air as well.
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More on the ABC NEWS rebrand:
Here is an article from newscaststudio.com:
BDA Creative of Munich, Germany was in charge of this project.
Here is the link to the project: http://www.bdacreative.com/en/node-550fff5399815/abc-news-rebrand-2017.html

Just pointing out that BDA Creative is now only based in Germany. The bit of BDA that was heavily involved in UK (and wider European) set designs in the early 2010s was the Jago design bit of BDA. When BDA closed in the UK, Jago Design started up again as an independent.