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nwtv20038,616 posts since 5 Jan 2003
Granada North West Today
Wow that looks very neat for a News channel, although it looks odd without a desk, but I really like the remix of the ABC News theme they've done there, it sounds new but it's great to hear some of the old theme included there.

Has ABC News on ABC1/2 been given this similar look or are they staying the same for the time being? They've timed the launch of the channel quite well too, as their Election isn't far away now.
timgraham380 posts since 1 Jan 2007
They've certainly raised the bar for news production in this country - and it's also nice to finally have a news channel available to free-to-air viewers. Sky News is only available on Foxtel and its content certainly leaves a lot to be desired (it mainly repackages reports from our commercial news services, with extra politics coverage).