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This is interesting and probably warrants it’s own thread.
Police have raided the Sydney headquarters of the Australian Broadcasting Corp (ABC), in a second day of searches targeting journalists.
Officers arrived at the public broadcaster with search warrants naming two reporters and the news director. The ABC has protested over the raid.
The police action is related to articles about alleged misconduct by Australian forces in Afghanistan.


I’m not sure if we can draw any connection with this happening so soon after the re-election of a government that some see as The ABC being hostile towards.
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I just want to draw attention to the (what should be) national-treasure of Australia's very own NewsThump/Onion. the Betoota Advocate. Fair to say they've had a field day with this.

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New Zealand isn't that far away!
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This is a very worrying development. I believe passionately that honest reportage is one of the most effective tools in the world for exposing wrongdoing. Now I will admit i'm not familiar with the full facts of the matter beyond what has been reported in the UK but it is the fact that the police in a democratic country have raided the offices of a well respected news organisation who have used their democratic freedom to broadcast a concerning issue that makes me fear that this could set a worrying precedent.
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Really doesn't help having a US President who openly talks about the "Corrupt Media" and states everything they say, even when reporting on things he's been filmed saying and doing, is "Fake News". The more worrying thing is it's now seen as normal and it pretty much goes unchallenged.
It's great that everybody gets sarcasm.
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