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Will this have any impact on the exact timings/duration for the BBC One 6pm news hour as a whole, and/or The One Show?

My understanding has always been that when the 90 second updates were introduced, they took 90 seconds off the true total duration of the Six + regional news so that the overall news minutage across primetime was in fact the same as before. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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The soundtrack to the bulletin sounds like something from CBeebies.

It's the only bit of 2006-era BBC One branding that still exists. It's the soundtrack of the Windows ident as well as the circles slide.

This is how it first started 10 years ago as a trial in the West Midlands only.

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Huh, wonder why. Always thought it was quite a handy update and a way to get the BBC News brand to a large audience. Guess everyone's on their phones these days.

The launch thread: https://tvforum.uk/thenewsroom/bbc-news-8pm-90-seconds-slot-25623/

It at least answers this question I posted last month...
And is there something a bit odd about the circles animation and old ident music still being used for the 90 second update?
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