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JKDerry2,358 posts since 15 Oct 2016
UTV Newsline
The current analysis on Virgin Media 1 is far superior to RTÉ's offering streaming online and on News Now. RTÉ NN is in desperate need of a new set of graphics. The frame around the picture is dreadful.

RTE News Now is about as stable as the upcoming Irish government - it could be on the chopping block by summer 2020, so they are not investing any more into that channel.

Yes,v you're probably right. Still, the minimal ticker on VM1 illustrates how less is more. The screen on RTÉ NN is cluttered with completely irrelevant pictures and headlines.

Roll on tomorrow. I wonder if TV Ark will post the presentation packages of this election from RTE, TG4 and VM?
peterrocket1,425 posts since 5 Sep 2001
I hope RTE have a robust OB connection throughout their coverage, as Storm Ciara will batter Ireland and the the UK tomorrow - hope their coverage will not be affected too badly tomorrow.

Thankfully not to many satellite connections - most are IP / Live U or fixed links.
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I watched both RTÉ programmes and the Virgin Media programme tonight. The RTÉ programmes were good but the Virgin Media programme was better. It had more interesting guests and better analysis then the RTÉ programmes. It’s going to be a very competitive election in terms of politics but it’s going to be competitive between RTÉ and Virgin Media on screen, really for the first time, particularly with Ivan Yates and Matt Cooper presenting the late night segment of Virgin Media’s coverage.
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UTV Newsline
My money is on another election. Can't see any of the parties agreeing.

Not a hope in hell, the parties do not want to fight another one. 1982 was the year of two elections, I feel it will be a confidence and supply arrangement again or a coalition.

Say if there was to be another election. How do they go about it? Do they all agree to go ahead with it or is there a vote in the Dail on it?
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Nice logo in and out of the ad breaks on Morning Ireland on RTÉ 1. Maybe something they could use if it did move permanently to the station.
AJB39113 posts since 10 Aug 2019
Whereas RTE’s online election coverage is fantastic. Numerous articles covering different aspects of the day, National results plus results and live blogs from every constituency.
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HTV Wales Wales Today
Virgin Media's election coverage online - it does not exist - really - I decided to go to the Virgin Media Television Ireland website, clicked on their news section and sweet God they have NOTHING! - Come on!! Really?

Try it for yourself - https://www.virginmediatelevision.ie/ and click on News

You've already established in this thread that VM is not the place to go to for online news so I wouldn't fake surprise. They might one day invest in it - ITV News used to be pretty shocking online but then a few years back they opted for a different, more blog like, approach and it was all the better for it.
It's great that everybody gets sarcasm.
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Westcountry Spotlight
I think the RTÉ Player is perhaps struggling with demand. It occasionally pauses.

Oddly, just before the Nine O'Clock News, while they were showing a 'programme resumes shortly' graphic (presumably during adverts) I am sure I could hear someone breathing and pressing buttons. Very Happy