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UTV Newsline
And once again we come to the annual news presentation awards, how quick the time travels. Merry Christmas to all at TV Forum and let's hope 2015 has plenty in store for us...

Best News Program - Daily Politics
Best News Channel - Sky News
Best News Presenter - Alastair Stewart
Best Regional Presenter - Paul Clark
Best Regional Programme - UTV Live at 10:30
Best Weather Presenter - Tomasz Schafernaker
Most Improved Presenter in 2014 - Charlotte Hawkins, GMB
Hard as Nails - Andrew Marr
Over the Top - Kay Burley - for many reasons but particularly for her performance in Kuala Lumpur!
Biggest Disappointment - The degeneration of the BBC News Channel
Best Theme Music - ITV News
Best General Pres. (Graphics / Astons / Etc.) - Al Jazerra
Sorely Missed (but not necessarily deceased!) - Jeremy Paxman leaving newsnight, Tim Marshall and more particularly the sad death of one of my favourite news presenters Komla Dumor
Overall Top of the Pops - Jeremy Thompson
Best New Kid on the Block - Can't think of any real breakthrough's this year.
News Story of the Year - For me the biggest news story of the year has to be the MH 370 plane loss along with the shooting down of the MH 17. The Oscar Pistorius trial coverage was also excellentThe Russia-Ukraine crisis and Israel-Gaza conflict are two other major news stories of 2014 in my view
Outstanding Contribution to TV News for the Year or Special Mention - Fergal Keane's reporting from Ukraine has to be a highlight for me and deserving of a mention - reaffirmed my view on the importance of good quality foreign affairs journalism
2014 Emerging Talent: One to Watch - Robert Peston vying for Nick Robinson's job post general election. Dave's not the only one that should be worried about the opposition!
Scoop of the Year - Channel 4 gaining the services of Jeremy Paxman for their 2015 election coverage
Gaffe of the year - Colin Brazier in Ukraine
Looking forward to - The general election TV debates
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