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I think Fiverr is a really good website, both for people wanting to get a little extra money on the side of their main job through doing some design work and also for people who prehaps don't have the time/skills to create something and want to pay to have someone else create a design for relatively little money.

In terms of the argument that 'Why pay £100 for a logo when you could pay £5?' and 'Fiverr doesn't help a somewhat struggling industry' I would argue that simply that is what business is. Business are going to struggle if they don't adapt to the current market conditions and Fiverr is sinply a business thinking 'outside the box' and coming up with a modern business model.

I'm really not a fan of the idea of the idea of trying to protect a failing market unless there is a good reason to. If a business is going to fail, as much as a shame as it might be, it is going to fail. This is what encourages firms to think in an innovative way.

Just my view though.
Neil Jones Founding member
Yes but the other school of thought is the likes of Fiverr is simply a chase to the lowest common price point and there comes a point where if every man and his dog can knock a ditty up for £5 that can imply a premium product is available for peanuts and not everybody wants to join that chase.
I think we live in a time when graphic design is needed more and more, it is needed by more people than ever and Fivver isn't going to knock those that are more professional out of business. We all see small businesses for example with bad branding. Fivver is probably good for those doing student projects or small charities that simply don't have £100 or £1000 to spend and in the past would have just used something like MS Office Word Art. I don't really understand what the problem people have with it. No one is suggesting he BBC or Channel 5 use something like this.

If you own a nightclub you're not going to get everything done on the cheap. So you're not going to be using Fivver. That said if you need something done quite quick in that situation it's probably quite good.

It's going to give some designers a start where if they are good enough can build their own portfolios and build a career for themselves. It's probably better than getting a mate who reckons he's 'good at design' to do it.

It's really only there for those who wouldn't otherwise be paying a designer at all.
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To add people think it's people pushing out those offering stuff for hundreds or thousands when it's actually pushing out those doing stuff for nothing.
A very impressive improvement.
Hi Everyone, Currently working on my next update for this and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a font to replace the Sky one for the logo? I'm useless at picking fonts so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
Maybe somebody could make one for you on Fiver...?
Joe posted:
Maybe somebody could make one for you on Fiver...?

Best I've found is £20 w/ commercial license.

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