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dbl9,299 posts since 11 Jun 2004
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- It's illegible (the fact that even when minimized on this thread I can't see the artist strap)
- Very slap dash style of 'designing'
- Many colour clashes
- Complete disregard to safe areas and the proper widescreen dimensions.

Can you really see this working on TV?
dosxuk4,390 posts since 22 Oct 2005
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I don't really see how, it's grey and red, and in my opinion grey can't clash with anything. Unless you're on about the music video!?

You need to learn more about colour theory.

There are three main aspects to colour - hue, saturation and brightness (commonly known as HSL / HSV with brightness replaced by lightness and value respectively, but being the same thing). Your choice of red and gray, to my first impression, look like they have the same brightness level, and because Gray doesn't have a hue, it may well be the same also. This means they only have one difference in value between the two, which doesn't equate to good contrast.

Likewise, if you look at the colours as RGB, you are only differing in the Red channel between the two, meaning a lack of contrast.

If we take all the colour out of your image, hopefully you can see the problem:

Just for comparison - here's a grab (via google) of 4music:

As you can see, the foreground text is still perfectly visible and readable, even from a distance.

A good tip when desiging for TV is to put your image full screen on your monitor, and then stand on the other side of the room (or 2-3m away at least). If you can't still read it, you've made a mistake.

Hope this helps.