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What do you use to design mocks?

(January 2003)

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Just wandering what do you use to design your mocks.
Fireworks, Illustrator, Flash, Photoshop, Xara3D, 3D Studio Max, Alias Wavefront Maya, Premiere, FilmGimp, Lightwave and Hollywood FX Pro.
Photoimpact, (rarely) Flash, Cinema 4D, Premiere, After Effects and GoldWave
Mr Irish T. Messenger
Fireworks, Fireworks and ehh, Fireworks.
And Powerpoint.
Steve Lowry
Fireworks mainly, Photoshop 7 sometimes, and Photodraw to add stuff to them you can't do in Fireworks.
Poppy The Monkey
I use photoshop 6
harshy Founding member
Photoshop 7, Caligari Truespace for mocks, trying to get hold of Premiere and After Effects and PhotoImpact.
Might I add that having this software or that software doesn't necessarily make for well-designed mocks. A thorough understanding of type, layout, colour and the technical details necessary for television go a long way to help. A little common sense doesn't hurt either.

The other thing that is so rarely used these days -- time. Spend plenty of time on your work. If you spend 20 minutes on something, it will show. Just saying "oh, I only spent a few minutes on this, I know it's not very good" doesn't help.

That's not to say you shouldn't try -- you should. But try to post your best work. Ask yourself: "Would I like seeing this on TV? Or would I just slag it off as 'poor!' in another forum?"

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